Healing Wells

*** Digging the Wells of Healing ***




Nov. 23,2002

Last Saturday at FireGate HQ was absolutely packed as the meetings have been simply wonderful! Healing was in the air as Hamilton Filmalter a healing evangelist of River of Life Ministries was the guest speaker at the FireGate HQ Fellowship meetings this last Saturday night. It was a awesome success as Hamilton called for those with pain and injuries to come forth for their healing. And the healings came one after another! It was exciting and wonderful!

Revivalist Deborah Gliebe opened up the meeting by calling out words of knowledge over the large gathering. A woman came forward for prayer and her neck was instantly healed. Then Hamilton Filmalter, a world traveling healing evangelist, came up to release a word over FireGate Ministries concerning the Northwest and the coming explosion in their ministry. He confirmed what God had already placed in Tom & Deborah Gliebeís hearts. He confirmed that God was raising up a Revival Center through FireGate Ministries and stated that God was lighting other bonfires along the I-5 corridor.

Hamilton then gave an alter call and about twenty youth responded. Several gave their hearts to the Lord and some received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then Godís people were taken into Sovereign encounters as healing miracles began to POP throughout the room! Hamilton called up those with spinal or back problems and many felt pain instantly leave as he commanded bones to straighten, nerves to reconnect, and discs to realign. People were gaping at the physical healings taking place right before their eyes. Testimony after testimony came immediately revealing that arms, legs and backs could moved in positions previously impossible, necks could rotate and shoulders and lower backs were healed. There were several testimonies of divine deliverance and visitation. Hamilton preached on the joy of the Lord and the two sides of the sword, the Word and the Spirit. Many broke out in holy laughter through as the Word went forth.

Praise the Lord !!!

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Hamilton Filmalter
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