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A Fresh Wave of Healing

  ….and everything will live where the river goes.”

Ezek 47:9

The vision of River of Life Ministries is to spread the fresh wave of revival and healing that the Holy Spirit is currently bringing to the church.

In the last days, God says, I will our

out my Spirit on all people…

…and He will cause the rain to come

down from above – the former rain and

the latter rain…

…the sun of righteousness will rise

with healing in its wings.

…And the glory of the Lord will be


During these last days, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit such as has never been seen before, is taking place.  A wave of revival is breaking all over the world.  As this wave spreads, multitudes upon multitudes will be saved, healed and delivered.  It is sweeping across denominational barriers and is moving the church into the supernatural presence and glory of God.

This wave is the Breath of Life that God has called to come forth and revive the dry bones of His people.  As God breathes upon them, they will come to life and arise as an exceedingly great army.  God will use this great army to reap the end time harvest.

The church is at the beginning of a fresh outpouring of anointing for healing and miracles.  As the wells of healing are being opened up, word about God’s goodness, compassion and power is spreading throughout the church and beyond its walls.  Believers are being healed from afflictions that have plagued them for a long time and the lost is draw to the cross by the healing power of God.  A harvest of praise and worship unto God is springing up, as the yoke of sickness is being  broken off the church.

Hamilton Filmalter’s teaching centers upon the anointing and ministry of Jesus.  Through the  preaching of the Word, and the laying on of hands, he seeks to equip the church to be bold and powerful witnesses for the Lord Jesus, to advance the kingdom of God in these last days.  He encourages believers to take a fresh look at the ministry of Jesus and its relevance to the church today.

To stir God’s people to press in and lay hold of what God is doing, Hamilton teaches on these main subjects: The anointing of Jesus, the ministry of healing and miracles, and the Good News of the Kingdom.

The Anointing of Jesus

·        The Holy Spirit as source of power in His ministry

·        The works of Jesus:  What did Jesus do?

·        The restoration of the ministry of Jesus

Walking in the Anointing Today

·        A fresh touch from God

·        Imparting the anointing by the laying on of hands

·        The anointing breaks the yoke

The Ministry of Healing and Miracles

·        The Great Physician

·        Signs and wonders

·        Healing the sick

The Good News of the Kingdom

·        The Kingdom comes in power

·        The simplicity of the Gospel

·        Going after the lost

In every meeting, Hamilton ministers to the sick by words of knowledge, prophetic insight and by the laying on of hands.  He has seen a steady increase in healings and miracles in his ministry since the summer of 2000.

As the following excerpts from pastoral letters indicate, Hamilton lays a solid foundation of teaching and demonstrating the power of God through prophetic preaching and signs and wonders.



Originally from South Africa, Hamilton Filmalter was born again at the age of six.  A decade later, while seeking God for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit, he was baptized in the Holy Spirit.  In 1981, to prepare for the ministry, he entered Hatfield Training Center (a Bible college in Pretoria, South Africa).  While a student there, Hamilton experienced a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit.  From this encounter came the vision and the call for his present ministry.

After graduating in 1984 with a B. A. Th. degree, God moved Hamilton into pastoral ministry where he served as an associate pastor before pioneering a church with his wife, Helena.

Toward the end of 1991, God began to speak to Hamilton and Helena about a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and once again confirmed the vision of reaching the nations for Christ (Ezek. 47: 1-12).  This renewing of the vision led to the birth of River of Life Ministries in June, 1992.

After submitting themselves to Word of Faith Christian Center and Pastor Jimmy Crompton, Hamilton and Helena, along with their young son Izak, began to travel all over  South Africa.  Their journey eventually led them to Uganda, Kenya, Ireland, the United Kingdom and in 1994 to the United States.

Hamilton and his family have traveled extensively in the United States and abroad, bringing a fresh impartation and stirring revival wherever they go.

The year 2000 brought a fresh desire to dig open the wells of healing.  Since the spring of 2001, Hamilton has been focusing on healing and miracle revival meetings.

“As you go, preach this message:  ‘The Kingdom of heaven is near.’  Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.  Freely you have received, freely give.”

Do you thirst for a powerful move of God’s Spirit?  Is your ground dry and longing for the pure living water that flows from the throne of God?  Then, let Hamilton Filmalter bring the refreshing season that comes with an outpouring of the Spirit and its reviving fire.

If interested in Hamilton’s ministry, contact him HERE.

Hamilton, Helena & Iza


“…Understands spiritual authority and submission … in-depth insight in the Word … very sound theologically … growing demand for his ministry … the anointing bears Godly fruit … the joy of the Lord and healings are manifested … teachable spirit … desire to build up the church


J. R. Crompton, Sr. Pastor

Word of Faith Christian Center

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

“…The first night was an outpouring of joy … the second night we began to see healings which continued … Hamilton’s words was an tremendous encouragement to the church ... we have been refreshed by what God brought us through Hamilton’s Ministry.”


Denny Cline, Sr. Pastor

Albany Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Albany, Oregon

“…a new wave has hit our church … many healings … bring the sick … an open heaven.”


Dave Ross, Sr. Pastor

New Hope Assembly of God

Galt, California  









Joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation." - Is. 12:3



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